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Thumbs under the Southern Cross

Coooeee Cobber

Worried coz you don't have a brass razoo to keep your pets? Tired of logging into those Northern Hemisphere Herds and being the only one on-line with no-one to chew the fat with? Then join the Lucky Country's Own "Thumbs under the Southern Cross", the Land of Oz's first true blue, fair dinkum thumbing herd.

This herd is open to any Ladies and Bruces by approval. All you Northern Hemisphere drongos can join in our down under herd but the same rules apply. Give it a burl!

We don't get bogged down in difficult rules here, Blue, and aim for a quick turnaround in posts.

Get a Captain Cook at these corkers:

1. Starting from the first page thumb all pages back to the shiela or yobbo who has a majority of 10 thumbs and stop - should be a maximum of about 30 to 35 pages.

2. Post your 50 then sit back and collect the points, once you hit 10 thumbs some bloke or sheila will send you a message and you can start all over again. If ya feelin' dry as a dead dingo's donger have a Bundy or two while ya waitin';

3. Be honest with your thumbs, its only 30 or so pages, don't be a dill and she'll be apples and don't be afraid to dob in a dropkick;

4. Wanna chat? No worries away, the admins are as flat out as a lizard drinkin' to clear them once you've finished - Fair Dinkum, it's a bonza place to crack onto a bottler of a sheila;

5. You want to use markers then go ahead - please thumb other peoples markers, the admins will check marker to make sure you only ever have one in play!;

6. Any admin posts and chats must always be thumbed - the admins deserve it coz they're busier than a cat burying shit or a one-armed wallpaper hanger, and the chats, well, just because....;

7. Just remember, you cheat and it's a kick up the clacker and ya' flicked...and don't come the raw prawn with me if it happens, our security bloke is built like a brick shithouse.

There it is - too difficult?...pigs arse! chuck a sickie, throw on ya' trackie daks or ya' budgie smugglers, ya' thongs or ya' uggies, or hang out in the nuddy, sit y'self down with an eski, a slab of tinnies or a bottle of plonk and a coupla cooked snags or boiled muddies and watch the moolah role in...'Ave a go ya mug and you'll be grinnin' like a shot fox! Ridgy didge, Cob!

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