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1: Reserve your spot in the queue - Post something like "1 - t/p" or "thumbing then posting". 2: Thumb every post from the FRONT (page 1) to the BACK (last page). Do NOT thumb from the back to the front. 3: Do not thumb a user past 10 thumbs unless you really want to. 4: Delete the users spam (posts) who has reached 10 thumbs and then notify them via message. 5: Post in the "Cleared and Notified" thread who you have cleared and notified. 6: Post your spam (the remaining 49 posts - your first post is NOT a freebie). 7: In your 50th post or announcements also state who you have cleared and notified. 8: Finished. Just sit back and wait to be notified of your next turn. :) Additional rules of usage Only 1 (one) set of 50 posts in the herd at any one time for each member. 15 minutes. If the person with the spot reserved in front of you has taken longer than 15 minutes since their initial post reserving their spot in the queue you may overtake them in the queue to post your set of spam. The posts are time stamped so it is easy to see how long a user has been in the herd. Not everybody has all day to complete their set, and additionally, some users have slow connections. They do not wish to hold other people up, they just can't get through as quickly as others.. Do not accuse others of wrong doing. This herd is about sharing and helping each other to gather points. If there is a problem then please take it up with me, or message the person involved in a civilised manner. We may not all be adults here, but we will act as they do with courtesy and grace. When a member maxes out please inform them UTD markers are NOT allowed in this 50/10 herd. They simply cause a mess.
Herd leaders

raven raven "The Crow NFS"

merrow merrow "MP's Honey" Sparkling

Lori Lori "Princess♥Lilac" ღ *B*A*C*I*ღ

Jonesy Jonesy "JJ" Sleepy

Terry-Ann Hall Terry-Ann Hall "Miss Cheeky" Cheeky

ASH ASH "6.69.6" Melodic Life

Jenny Jenny "Good Girl ;) x" Horn..erm... .Frisky!

chayla chayla "Chayla Bomb" Sparkling

-------- -------- "sexy_as_hell" Sleepy

Pagan Priestess Pagan Priestess "Solstice Bride" Sleepy

Karlene Lew Karlene Lew "Lene on Me!"

Yvonne Sagen Yvonne Sagen "~Valkyrie~"

Queen Lynn of Stalcup Queen Lynn of Stalcup Sparkling

Lin Lin K Lin Lin K "Bunny" had a lovely time w/my love MARK

KB KB Sparkling

Penelope xxOwners Cute Cupcakexx Penelope xxOwners Cute Cupcakexx ƸӜƷDirty deeds done cheap♥
Unknown Unknown

MzTaffyApple MzTaffyApple "מאיה" Inspired

Liza Liza "Crazy CAT!" Tired

walter derksen walter derksen Tired

Chris McCormick Chris McCormick "HADES" Sexcited!

Nikita Josephine aka Nikki Jo Nikita Josephine aka Nikki Jo "Cat Woman" Curious

Mr Mister Mr Mister "Chew Toy" Inspired

Lyndsey Townsend Lyndsey Townsend "Ms Obedient" Playful

Wandering Soul Wandering Soul "Soul Reaper" You Hold Me ~♥~ Without Touch

Kim Kim "Baroness Kachina" Playful

Dana Wodak Dana Wodak @ T/P @ Wolfssssssss @

a-z a-z

Sharon Lambert Sharon Lambert "Sexy Shaz NFS" Purring

Renaeann Renaeann "Reina de Madres" Serene

Callista Wyrd Callista Wyrd "Sex Kitten" Busy as hell!!!!

Henry  W Henry W " Sweet Bear" Cheeky

Pranny Pranny Playful

Zelda Zelda Ecstatic

Rhonda Beaubiah Rhonda Beaubiah "Princess" Loyal

Amor Amor "Morsey" I'm soooooo boooored!!

Carrie Carrie "Her Phoenix"

Ju Wei Ju Wei "Meow" Purring

Anne Anne "Sweetheart" Naughty

Taipan Taipan "Dr. Tittytorture" Adored

Werner Werner "sultry" Sparkling
Marie Mckee Marie Mckee "Hecate {NFS}" Ferocious

Jess Ica Jess Ica "Angel of hope" GoodBye from Jess Ica..xx
Stacy Stanton Stacy Stanton "Lady Stacy" Tender

kelly mewkill kelly mewkill "my lovely jubbly" Peaceful

Barbara  F Barbara F "Princess Petal"

Eric Long Eric Long "Jaws of pleasure" Playful

sharlene saville sharlene saville "sha[r]ka" Playful
Tyler Nelson Tyler Nelson "Poster Boy"

Gregg Gregg "Kovac" Tired

louise louise "girl interrupted" hates weekends :(
Pumpkins Eleonora Pumpkins Eleonora "miu miu" Courageous

Spank Me Spank Me "Bella" Lonely

Richard Willson Richard Willson "Studly PrinceNFS" D I R R T Y 6 9

Caz Caz "Had the op" Dancing on Ice is on yay