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Led by Adrian | 27 members

The 7 rules.
1. Post only 50 comments daily... that's after 49 and before 51.
2. Thumb 30 pages or till your last marker PROPERLY first before posting.
3. Comments are deleted after they get 10 hits or after the herd is 30 pages. The rest after 30 is my personal build up of spam.
4. Invitees are people I like and know are good for thumbs so let's all make love not war.
5. No chat orgies... fantasies in your 50 comments is fine, if not take it outside and invite me.
6. If there's someone you think should join, ask them to send naked pic first... If they look good, I'll let them in and use those as auction prizes to get more points. ^^
7. *in Judge Dredd's voice* I am the law!
Any infringement I grope you (if you're a gal) or hoot you (if you're any other creature). You disagree, leave or be booted off the tree.
Herd leaders

Adrian Adrian "B's Lil Slave"
Amy Jane Amy Jane "♥Luscious♥" Scared