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Herd Profile: Strider's Retreat
Led by Strider Marcus Jones | 19 members

This is my place to go after a hard day. My cabin in the forest and my inn of happiness.I can be found in the Elven Forest of Lothlorien with my neighbour The Tree of Life. Poets, Bards, the Loved and the Lonely, Introverts and Extroverts, Jesters and the Serious in nature, if you have something interesting or funny to say and want to share it, the fire is burning, the wine is sweet, the meade is strong with food a plenty, bring your mind and share your tales with kindred souls who want to listen.....
Herd leaders

Strider Marcus Jones Strider Marcus Jones "poet master" Adventurous

JoJo JoJo "JoJo" Calm

seamus mc spud seamus mc spud Carefree

Bekah Bekah "Miss her so" Cheeky

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