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Its a silly place. Let's not go there after all...
This is the third herd I've created. The first one features several long strings of comments made by me. The second one focused on every lovely lady that's been nice to me here at Human Pets. This herd will be a free for all spamming herd for everyone and I encourage everyone to invite at least one other person to join.
Posting amount rule: Until you see someone else post you are limited to posting up to 30 comments at once. If you get into a conversation that's fine.
RTF rule: you are encouraged to RTF either a minimum of ten pages or to your last UTD marker, whichever comes first or however far you wish to go if more than 10 pages.
Final rules; no nudity. don't be mean unnecessarily, & have fun. Anyhow let's get this party going!
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