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Led by Sky Cherry | 67 members

OK, this herd is here to earn you some points. Heavy thumbage is the norm here.
RULES, should you care to abide by them are as follows:
This herd is for collecting points. In order for it to work, please thumb everyone else's comments all the way through to the last (or first) pages.

You can NOT post fresh comments until your old ones have been removed by admin. When your comments reach 10 points each, they will be removed and you will be notified that you are free to post again.
Then, you are free to post up to 3 pages (or 45 lines, in other words) of comments for thumbing. You can post whatever you want - numbers, letters, jokes, etc.
PLEASE wait your turn. If there are people already here, let them finish their three pages first and then post your own.
You do NOT have to wait to be told to post if you come to visit and you don't see any of your old comments. So, if that is the case, feel free to post again.
When you enter the room, it might be a good idea to say you are thumbing. If there are several of you in the room already, you will post in order of whoever said they were thumbing first and so on.
If there are comments which received 10 thumbs already, you don't have to thumb those if you don't want to. However, DO look beyond those, as there may be some unthumbed comments.
If you want to be in admin, let me know.
Muchos Thankies!
IMPORTANT: Please thumb from page one onwards, as if you do it from the end, it messes the thumbs up if someone else is thumbing at the same time.
Also, feel free to post any topics on the message board whatsoever.
If you want to advertise your herd or shop - go ahead.
*hugs for all*
Herd leaders

Sky Cherry Sky Cherry "My Bestest" Ferocious

Jose Jose Content

Tangi Tunoa Tangi Tunoa "Monkey Man" C'est la vie

Diablo Diablo "Lost" Hungover again and again...

Gilead Gilead "Music Man" Bold

Unknown Unknown "Helligkeit" Sleepy

Mike Bickell Mike Bickell "GiizZ°" Trina's Man
Julie Law Julie Law "Precious Jewels" Wishful

Unknown Unknown "Lo"

Ivanka Ivanka Sparkling
Unknown Unknown "Bonderful Witch"

Dawn Dawn "Sweety" I am so happy with my owner

Unknown Unknown "Fab" Playful

MacPheeters MacPheeters "Sir Lickalot" still licking

Tera Tera "Miss T" Carefree

Precious Judy Precious Judy "sweet & sexy" Adored

Luna Aurora Luna Aurora "Calacirya" ♥ Bittersweet ♥

Unknown Unknown "Jewels♥Spunk" Please sign my guest book

Unknown Unknown "pineapple" Uncertain

Unknown Unknown "Jay Lo." Loyal

Melissa Melissa "Heart Collector"

Unknown Unknown "babycakes" awesomely awesome

Unknown Unknown "。My Bitch。" Trusting

Unknown Unknown "sexxalicious" Deliciously naughty

Unknown Unknown "sEZZA"

Unknown Unknown "Mr Ryann." Feisty

Unknown Unknown Free

Unknown Unknown "Robin-NFS" Lonely

Unknown Unknown "Beautiful Vixen" Frisky

Adam Wilby Adam Wilby "Traveling man" Peaceful

jim morse jim morse "Gentleman Jim" Wild

Unknown Unknown "Pure gold" Playful

Charlie Charlie Loyal

Rana Suvak Rana Suvak "The Dancer" Seductive, Sexy & Sweet

Winnie Retief Winnie Retief Adored

Unknown Unknown "Chee-zit" Loving

TriNiTy TriNiTy "Joei's Only" Hungry
Unknown Unknown "richy rich"

Unknown Unknown "My CaNdY!" Purring

Unknown Unknown Bold

Iliana Todorova Iliana Todorova "El Diablo" ~complete~

Unknown Unknown "My Green fiend" Lazy

Adele Adele "Gone" Sleepy

Unknown Unknown Inspired

Unknown Unknown "Darling Daniela" Inspired

Unknown Unknown "Lil Miss Cheeky" Cheeky

Unknown Unknown Totally IN LOVE With Martin!!!

Unknown Unknown Seductive

Diann Boulet Diann Boulet "Randy's" Purring

Rhonda Beaubiah Rhonda Beaubiah "Princess" Loyal

Unknown Unknown "mp3 babe : )" Cheeky

Alby Orlando Alby Orlando "mmmmmm...." Sparkling

Norti Nicci Norti Nicci "Miss Adventurous" Wild

Unknown Unknown "True Blue" Loving

Taipan Taipan "Dr. Tittytorture" Adored