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Lets play a game, some of the questions will be about Actual Vampyrism, not the Idiotic crap that human blood drinkers talk about on the internet. So if you think this is about posing humans claiming to be psychic vampires or humans that say they are Sanguinarius vampires you wont get any questions right. And if you are claiming to be a Sanguinarius vampire don't bother preaching to to us we don't want your human obsessive input. Sangi vamps are living a lifestyle nothing more. Some Questions will be Common Knowledge, others will be about Magick, Spell Casting, Energy and Auric fields.
Ok guys here are the RULES!!!
1. Read the Question and "THUMB" the 14 numbered comments that are below it.
2. Post 14 numbered Comments.
3. Post Your Answer on number 15.
4. The next person that posts an answer must thumb the person before them.
5. After three days I will post the answer.
6. If your answer is right every herd member has to Thumb you..heheheh
The more you play the more you get thumbed, I got this Idea from another herd I am a member of.. it is fun and makes you a lot of points.
So have some fun and play the game, I will thumb everyone that posts an answer as well as those with correct answers.
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