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Herd Profile: Human Pets Suggestion Box
Led by Mark Baker | 48 members

This is a herd for the creative and constructive suggestions for the betterment of Human Pets. Rants and attacks will not be tolerated and such comments will be deleted and banned from this herd. Patrick has worked very hard to bring us all this wonderful application, but many of us have expressed disatisfaction with regards to certain aspects of Human Pets. This will serve as a repository for those suggestions to be presented to Patrick for his consideration.

OK This is how this is going to work. ONLY click on a thumb if you agree COMPLETELY with the suggestion being made. If you don't agree completely, feel free to leave your own suggestion or an amendment to a suggestion. Please number your suggestions so they may be referenced.

Once we have a decent amount of content here and have it well structured, we will invite Patrick to have a look.
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Mark Baker Mark Baker "Hubby" Loving