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Herd Profile: super petters club.
Led by SuperBoo | 22 members

are u a super petter? u like to spam ppl?? ppl don't like ur non-stop pettings or spammings? LET JOIN US!!! share ur pettings with other super petters in this herd, and upload fotos as u want... whatever, JUST JOIN US!!!

Herd leaders

SuperBoo SuperBoo "Boo Boo"

Unknown Unknown "Emo-Boy" Hurt

Garry Galliah Garry Galliah "SweetxTooth" Crazy

John Scott John Scott "Cakie's Favorite" Content

Tarmo Tarmo "♡ Sushi ツ" Peaceful

Pinqu Pinqu Playful

Kaka Kaka "Sparkle" Content

Ziana Rao Ziana Rao Purring