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Led by Hasan Eren | 35 members

this is not a spam/thumb herd, just a friendly herd to have fun. If you here to thumb please thumb everyone, if don't want to thumb then never mind :P
Herd leaders

Hasan Eren Hasan Eren "♥~bearie`love"

Unknown Unknown "♥ 我寶寶" 我愛你 o(◕‿◕) o

Unknown Unknown "♥ #1 Baby Girl" Lonely

Maria Maria Peaceful

Michelle Michelle "cupcakes ~♥"

Unknown Unknown "Violet Menace" Playful

JoJo Chow JoJo Chow "JoJo ~♥" ♥New Year New Resolution

Unknown Unknown "♥My pumpkin♥" Nervous

kam sa kam sa "Silly moo moo♥" Adored

Gillian Chow Gillian Chow "Star Fish ~♥" Loving

Yumi Yumi "VK♥Queen"

Unknown Unknown "Jeesssh!" Adored

Angie Angie "Gentle Spirit" Playful

Cat Cat "My Goddess NFS" Lazy

Unknown Unknown "goddess" Adored

Unknown Unknown "Perfect Stranger" Loving

Unknown Unknown "my lost pet" Adored

Melek Popul Melek Popul Adored