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FAKE AUCTIONS AND POINT STEALERS | - Free online hangout and friends
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I set this herd up so that everyone has a place to " NAME AND SHAME" all those nasty ppl that purposely rip ppl off thru auctions etc... please join the herd and tell your friends..LIST ALL AUCTION SCAMMERS!!! We all need to know who they are to prevent more points going there way!!!! thank you :O)
if ppl could leave a name as well as a link, that would help alot more than just the link.just for the ppl who like to just sift thru the names quickly in case an auction is running out... as for the spamming, I will try get in here every few days and delete it so there are only names..but please try not to spam ppl...especially asking for thumbs and stuff... this wasn't set up to earn was set up to SAVE points!!
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