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ok so i have seen these rules on other herds and it works quite well. THE RULES... When you first arrive, YOU MUST GO THRU AND THUMB ALL OF THE PAGES FIRST BEFORE POSTING. Then add your posts... 60 posts (4 pages). Count up to 60. Then go and invite your friends. You will make 12k points every complete cycle. We can do several cycles per day if lots of members are online, so make sure you invite all of your friends that are concise and thorough thumbers! You must thumb each and every page. Make sure that the thumbs are green before you move on. Don't be sloppy or lazy! What comes around goes around. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself in the end. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN 60 POSTS! PEOPLE THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES WILL BE KICKED AND BANNED! ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CHEATERS! If you get here and someone is in the middle of someone posting please WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE FINISHED WITH THEIR POSTING! Once your thumbs reach 20, I will delete your post. I'll message you when you are allowed to post again. hope you enjoy, and keep the thumbs clean.
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