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Herd Profile: Matt's THUMB Shack
Led by Matt Urquhart | 23 members

A herd that has members that are equally as thumbing addicted as you are.... We are thumb buddies! So start thumbing and earning sweet points.....xox Rules: You must thumb and post every 3 days at least..unless you are going to be away..just let us know with a post if you aren't going to be around. You can post as many posts as you like, up to 50 every 24 hours. Leave the date with your last post. You must thumb everyone elses posts ahead of you. It is an Exclusive group of thumbers that are committed to earning themselves and YOU lots of We can protect and Lavish our Pets. Happy Thumbing my friends!
Herd leaders

Matt Urquhart Matt Urquhart "My Gallant One" Nicole's Naughty Knight