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Looking For Good , Honest Thumbers!
Thumb my Herd, Count how many pages You've Thumbed, and MSG me.
I'll Pay accordingly By Auction.

My Prices Are :
1 Page = 110 Pts
100 Page = 11000 Pts
200 Pages = 22000 Pts
300 Pages = 33000 Pts

By the Thumb Counter,
15 Thumbs = 110 Pts
1500 Thumbs = 11000 Pts
3000 Thumbs = 23000 Pts
4500 Thumbs = 34500 Pts ( I pay extra those who did a perfect job :) )

Create an Auction, after you've Thumbed and Msg Me.

OR if you feel insecure,

Create an Auction Before you Thumb and Tell me how many pages you're willing to do.
I'll Bid the Amount on Your Auction.

ATTENTION!! There is another method to pay.
Change the price of an item in your shop to the price your receiving.
Give me a message and i'll buy it asap.
And... Visit My Awesome Shop!! -> Toy's Shop

Also looking for Thumb Traders! MSG me if you wanna trade thumbs! Will thumb you back asap!

OH! and and, Those who are Thumbing because of auction,
If you want to thumb more,
Just give me a message after you're done with the auctioned Thumbs. :)
Of course After-Auction Thumbing prices are 110 per page =D.
Hope you enjoy Thumbing and Have a nice day.

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