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This is where I will Post My Comments for My Friends and Human Pets to Thumb for points. I love Human Pets and if you are here I know you must LOVE Human Pets too. I also know that you know it takes a lot of work to care for the Human Pets that you own and also for the extra special gifts and "Thumb Fests" you do for your Human Pets Friends. This Herd was created so I could receive points from my Honest, Reliable, Respectable, Loving, Caring and Kind Human Pets and my Human Pet's Friends.

This is going to be simple so here are a few things to please follow:

1). Everyday (sometimes every other) I will SPAM 7 - 10 pages of comments to be thumbed. Please check in as often as you can or like to see if there are any new updated posts OR Comments.

2). Please Thumb my Comments when you have time. Please Thumb only the Comments of mine that you have time and the Thumbs left for. Keep in mind I know you all or probably have other Herds too that you belong to.

3). Please Leave a Comment WITH a Link where I can RTF for you. Creating your OWN Herd like I did, as it was suggested to me will also be a great benefit for you.

4). In the Comment that you leave Please include this:

The amount of Pages and/or Posts you have done. This will be very much appreciated and also much easier to RTF right back to you.

5). When you come in the Herd please thumbed all that have left a comment for me too. I ask this because I feel that eventually we all will be helping each other out and this will be a simple kind gesture.

6). Please NO spamming: Don't leave more than a few comments regarding a new Herd or a Comment Regarding you needing any kind of help here at Human Pets.

Please email me or the Member you need to ask regarding what it is that you would like to do.

Please RESPECT each other. If there is a problem with another person, take the problem to your OWN email boxes, etc. If there is a problem with me OR one regarding the Herd Please Email me first regarding this.

7). We all know that gifts are not cheap and it takes a lot of points to purchase these. I love to give gifts and I am surprised and thankful when I receive one. Please, when you want to give a Gift to a Friend in the Herd or to I, do it at the Home Page or Profile of the Member. This is something I think is a great idea so the person you are leaving it for will be able to see it and also so will all your HP's and HP's friends and/or anyone that views your Profile.


PLEASE NOTE: When you Join the HERD it is NOT NECESSARY to thumb all posts that go back to the end of the HERD.

Please THUMB only posts that have been posted for the current day. If you were not able to come and be UTD the previous day, this is okay. I will ONLY be able to RTF for a MIN. of 22-24 pages per day MAX.

♥ Thanks to all of YOU ♥

Smiles and Hugs for you and yours, ~♥Noreen♥~

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