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Dedicated to Morpheus of The Endless; The King of Dreams who was attached to his job but too remote from people's feelings. This may be because of the countless disastrous relationships in his many millennia of existence. He is sometimes slow when dealing with humor, occasionally insensitive, often self-obsessed, and is very slow to forgive or forget a slight. He is a noble, tragic hero consistently aware of his responsibilities, both those to other people and those that go with his territory. This trait makes him both dependable and fair-minded. It is implied that before his imprisonment as Dream he was in some ways crueler and more blind to his flaws. It is perhaps his changing and moving forward that makes his character the way it is. His closest friends were his elder sister Death and Matthew the Raven. He consistently strives for understanding of himself and of the other Endless, but is ultimately defeated by his most tragic flaw, his inability to accept change. As Lucien remarks in The Wake when asked (by Matthew, the raven) "Why did it happen? Why did he let it happen?", "Charitably...I think...sometimes, perhaps, one must change or die. And in the end, there were, perhaps, limits to how much he could let himself change." Morpheus, or Dream, was killed by Eumenides or The Kindly Ones and was succeeded by Daniel Hall.
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