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Herd Profile: Hall De Baucheret
Led by Duke Drago De Baucheret | 36 members

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The Hall of Duke Drago De Baucheret. Where wine flows and many pleasures are found. Debauchery in it's finest can be had here. But for the safety of those in attendace you must know the lord of the house to gain entrance... There exists a great Hall, with pleasure to be found, A place of family spirit and good cheer all around, Through the generosity of the Duke, he beloved by all, We all here gather, within this great Hall! Brenton Hawkins
Herd leaders

Duke Drago De Baucheret Duke Drago De Baucheret "NobleღMaster" Walking in Shadows

Unknown Unknown "DeBaucherette" Unwell

Mea the Tiny One Mea the Tiny One "Sexy Kitty NFS" In love with my Guardian Owner

Emma Emma "Babygirl" Cheeky

Vixi Vixi "DeBaucherette" Wild