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If you know the difference between "they're", "their", and "there"; "two", "too", and "to"; "your" and "you're"; "it's" and "its"; when to use "either" and "neither"; or simply can spell, then you belong to this herd! /// Note: This group isn't only for grammar nazis and sticklers for the English language, but for those who need help, as well. Don't be afraid to post comments or questions for fear of being bashed. /// Oh, and I just wanted to add that there is no doubt about it -- this is one of the SMARTEST groups on Human Pets! /// AAAAAAAAND if you're multilingual (because perfection in one language just isn't enough), then join my other herd, which I call, for a current lack of a little bit more creative prowess, The Multilinguals! Here's the link:
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