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Herd Profile: KitKitz Favorites!!
Led by Ah Kit | 37 members

For all my fav ppl from owner! current and ex pets!! And all da cool FDz that I met here!!!

Here is a little rule on my herd... u can spam but Only with a story to tell~ =)

And we will all be happy to thumb u!! =)


meet eden the first day i come to hp. she invite me to this evil world of hp!! she own me on Dec 17
meet emz Dec 9 and i got her on the same day! and got her back again on jan 14
meet snowy Dec 15 and i got her on the same day!
meet maomao Dec 16. was commenting on her picture i think
meet mummy Dec 18 and she own me on that day too
meet jelly Dec 18. was talking about her picture!
meet panda Dec 19. bought me on Feb 28 =)
meet alisa Dec 21 and i got her on the same day from 0~
meet aiai Dec 21~ and she stolen my pet! :P
meet ninja Dec 27 he comment me on my page and gave me a nice cam! haha
meet ginging Jan 25 ninja invite her to come to this herd
meet elena on Feb 2 from ging
meet claire on Feb 15 and we were petting pal! hehee
meet kittiger on march 25 and got her on 29

March 26
Day 1 Jesuana L. (50) Katie Poon (60) Jesuana L. (70) Louise Ekwall (80) Helena Horvat (5000) Sara Aslam (5250) Keren-happuch Benavides (7000) Neko (10500) CloneClone (18888)
March 27
Keren-happuch Benavides (20000) Queenie Zhang (21000) Katie Poon (40000)
March 28
Queenie Zhang (42000)
March 29
Clone (88888)
March 30
Queenie Zhang (93333) Clone (148888)
March 31
Timsum (156333) Jolaine Hoang (164150) Timsum (172358)
April 2
Ai Teng (188888) Mummy (198333) Queenie Zhang (208250)
April 3
Ai Teng (218888)

Herd leaders

Ah Kit Ah Kit "mimie's kitty"

Luvelle Luvelle "♥bb♥" Calm
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