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Led by Damien Veriseple | 84 members

(Note: If you join you are expected to RP Spammers will be ejected.)An ancient Lycan fortress Wolf Mountain is home to the largest population of Lycans in the entire world. Despite the admitedly large population of Lycans the mountain is also frequented by Tiger shifters ,Vampires, Were-leopards/mermen, Half-Pheonixes and Angels and just regular old wolves. Just because you are not a Lycan doesn't mean you won't be accepted. Join for good food, good times, good friends, and the occasional good war.

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Herd leaders

Damien Veriseple Damien Veriseple "Fang" Wild

Shadow Knight Bobby Shadow Knight Bobby " FatḝzŴrȃtȟ" Lazy

Ashley DeVoe Ashley DeVoe "Cosmos Ranger" Perplexed