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"Mine <3 "

Ryan , 32/Male
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Location: British Columbia Canada

About me:
I am open, yet secretive; I am passionate, yet cold-hearted; bold, yet quiet; cryptic, but direct; confusing, but well-spoken; I can be both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time; I am skeptic, but religious; I preach acceptance, just as long as I'm not being preached to; I have passion for art, but thrive in technology; I live for the moment, but plan for the future; I am a hopeless romantic, though I'm afraid of getting hurt; I enjoy the cold more than heat; I understand the dangers of certain media, but hate when people lecture about them; I know the word 'media' is plural; I love to dance, but I'm very picky with music; I rarely swear, though I still do it too often; I love the english language, and hate when it is misused; I love the rain; I am very opinionated, but hate to offend; I can love any person, but I dislike most people; I believe in my government, even though I critisize it's actions; I believe in the goodness of mankind, in spite of evidence to the contrary; I am easy-going, but firm in my beliefs; stubborn, but often accommodating; I consider my mind as my most attractive feature, but take care to look my best; I believe in chivalry, though I know it is a lost cause; I am always ready to listen, but get annoyed by exaggerated dramatics; I am a living, breathing, dying, bleeding contradiction - But if you get to know me, I'll make perfect sense.
About you:
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Straight
Ryan's tales
Winter, for some reason, always feels so bleak and depressing. This was written to stave off those feelings.

I'll Do My Best

Love, walk with me and I'll do my best
To show you the beauty of this world -
Take my hand and I'll guide you passed
The roses, tulips, and pogonias of
This, our lovely asphalt garden.

Sweetheart, I'll do my best.
Lord knows you've spent enough nights
Alone, wondering, and lost,
But I swear I'll do my best.

See, there's beauty in all of this;
The symphony of sirens in the night,
Singing screeches 'round the corner
To selflessly save another life.
They, our Angels - in uniform.

Darling, I'll do my best.
Lord knows it's hard to see it,
But there's plenty worth smiling for.
And I'm gonna do my best.

Cause when you look at it all -
And you've got love in your heart -
Nothing's quite so bad; the sun rises
In joyous colour; birds chirp and chatter
Their merry tunes - If you're just
Filled up on love.

So I'll do my best.
Lord knows you deserve it,
I'll give you all the love I've got.
Darling, I'll do my best.

If there ain't enough love in you
To make the world look perfect,
Then, darling, I'll keep on giving
All the love that's in me.

Yeah, I'll do my best.
Lord knows I'm overflowing with it;
I'll give enough to fill your heart up,
So you can just keep on smiling.

Love, I'll do my best.
Ryan "Mine <3 " - 7 years, 10 months, 23 days ago
Carpe Diem

Hold your breath and take a plunge.
Hold your breath and see what happens next.
Cause baby, there was never any plan
To begin with.
It's all action reaction, with our hearts out on our sleeves.
It's a topsy turvy, up and down dance,
With our reason tossed to the wind.
And the world's gonna keep on spinning,
No matter how much we need it to be still.
And the world's gonna keep on turning.
No, there's no rest for the wicked
No calm for the kind.
And well, there was never any plan
To begin with.
Just a single ledge and a hundred foot drop,
Straight to misery or salvation. Who knows which?
So hold your breath and take that plunge.
Hold your breath and close your eyes
And see what happens next.
Ryan "Mine <3 " - 8 years, 1 month, 1 day ago

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