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Xylia Rose

Xylia Rose, 53/Female
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Location: Canada

"I am idiosyncratic, quirky, and whimsical."
About me:
So, full disclosure - I am pagan - Xylia is the name I sort of 'acquired' through my spiritual journey, and it just kind of stuck! My given name is Jennifer (Jen for short) however, I am finding that I prefer Xylia more and more these days. Spiritually speaking, I identify as an Italian Folk Magic Practitioner, or more specifically, an Italian witch, if I am being perfectly honest. I am a new resident of Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada. I have 4 grown mini-me-type creatures, 2 cats, and one very large rabbit. I am looking to meet new people who share a similar world view โ€“ basically, people who are easy-going, like to laugh, and who are willing to put up with my crazy ideas โ€“ of which there are many!! I am independent, and I do beat to the sound of my own drum, but I am also empathic and motivated to be the best person I can be. I am nerdy, I love learning about things that are 'outside of the norm', and I am outdoorsy, enjoying things like camping, hiking, and boats of any kind. My dream spot would be a cabin in the woods on a lake or river far from civilization, where I can commune with nature and enjoy a peaceful existence. I value individuality pretty much above all else, as we each have our own unique talents to offer the world, and I believe that should be encouraged and celebrated. As I like to say, how uninteresting the world would be if we were all the same!!
About you:
I'd like to meet people who share a similar worldview - wild, free, independent - but not afraid to show their sensitive side. I've always been kind of nature-centric - my ultimate goal after I am sick of working my butt off, is to buy an RV and travel around the countryside. I am hoping to meet some people I can visit on my travels! :)
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Straight
A J Hurst
A J Hurst
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