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Vampire Sky Sun Sabah
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Sophie , 19/Female
Last login: within 3 weeks
Local time:3:28 PM
Join date:18 days ago
Location: United Kingdom

"Adventurous puppy that loves spending time with master "
About me:
Owned by my master
About you:
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Bi

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Huh..Wait..WTF? You have been given Huh..Wait..WTF?.
Crafted by Lisa Bunneh
Baba Yaga "❄️❄️❄" She’s Got the Moon in Her Eye - 6 days ago
LadY HeatheN
Now you’re a pup. Shapeshifters unite!
LadY HeatheN "🌖🦉" Dreaming⛓I n⛓Digital - 6 days ago
LadY HeatheN
Oh no! You were expensive. I’m sad for you. Hope it gets better. 🤗
Good Food :) You have been given Good Food :).
Crafted by Unknown
LadY HeatheN "🌖🦉" Dreaming⛓I n⛓Digital - 13 days ago
LadY HeatheN
Everyone needs to eat.
Taken to a Southern Pot-luck You have been given Taken to a Southern Pot-luck.
Crafted by Unknown
LadY HeatheN "🌖🦉" Dreaming⛓I n⛓Digital - 15 days ago
Ohhhhh another 🇬🇧
Brian "My Gentle Giant" - 17 days ago
welcome to HP
Have a beautiful day You have been given Have a beautiful day.
Crafted by White Wolf
Tegwych Eilonwy Taran "TEMPEST" #you are seen, u r heard - 18 days ago
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