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Richard Costello
"Nerdboy "

Richard Costello, 30/Male
Last login: 19 hours, 39 minutes ago
Local time:9:21 PM
Join date:17 days ago
Location: Sydney Australia

"I'm just a Metal listening,Warhammer 40K playing nerd boy at heart"
About me:
About you:
Looking for: Friendship and dating
Orientation: Straight
Herds: Sex Kittens, ÇÖvëñ ÖF ÐâRKÑÊ$§, Nerds are Sexy, Careful...... We Bite, MASTER / MISTRESS / slave / sub, Darkness Pets, Furries, ENOUGH PETTING.TIME TO ROMP, GOTH and METAL HEADS, Corsets, Burlesques, and Pinups!, Master and Slave Freaks, Kitsune Club!!, Pagan Pets, Blood 'n' Darkness, Furries and Furry Lovers, sexy goths and metal heads, ECHO'S IN THE DARK, I want a new OWNER/PET, KinKy Pets, Goth girls do it with collars.., naughty, filthy, pervert herd, FREAKS & GEEKS, -=Gothic Lolita Lovers=-, FemDomme and supremacy, SCI FI / FANTASY Pets, Ravenous Theatre Beasts, People that like Boobs., The Liz Vicious Graveyard, Goddess', ~~Under The Moonlight~~, Dominant Divas..., Brats Incorporated, Furrs of Facebook, BDSM Pets, Bundy Bears, Industrialize Me, Cap'n!, ~ Bats Eyelashes ~, Fetish, Short Bus, Long Ride, Vampire Erotica Rules!, the dark angels, Cuffs, collars, and leashes, **Pets who love to play**, The herd of dedicated Deviants, ANDREAS BOOBS, Cute Butt, Horny Geeks!!!, Vampire Erotica, goth/punk bbws, Spank you/me very much!, **Cherry Poppers 30/5, Cleavage Lovers (CL), The Sci-Fi Appreciation Herd, Happy Snaps

60 pts
Kirsten Yosheda
Kirsten Yosheda
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Nicole Dawson
Nicole Dawson
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tummy licks and rubs ♡ You have been given tummy licks and rubs ♡.
Crafted by hanszinho
Melissa "Fun and games" Loving my friends❤ - 1 day, 6 hrs ago
You were saying....? You have been given You were saying....?.
Crafted by pantygollumpussytroll
Melissa "Fun and games" Loving my friends❤ - 1 day, 6 hrs ago
Help lace me up!
fetish corset You have been given fetish corset.
Crafted by Unknown
Melissa "Fun and games" Loving my friends❤ - 1 day, 6 hrs ago

I long for your touch You have been given I long for your touch .
Crafted by Dreamer
Melissa "Fun and games" Loving my friends❤ - 1 day, 6 hrs ago

Some Love For Your Day ❣️ You have been given Some Love For Your Day ❣️.
Crafted by Cynthia
Ally "One & Only" 💖 🌼 - 8 days ago
Hey there
came by to see you You have been given came by to see you .
Crafted by -N-
Sally "Artsy Asian ❤" Calm - 8 days ago
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