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Vincent Janay

Vincent Janay, 19/Male
Last login: within 2 weeks
Local time:4:02 PM
Join date:22 days ago
Location: Mcallen United States

"Never really up for surprises."
About me:
Heya! The name's Vincent- but feel free to call me Vinny, or whatever you'd like, I don't mind that much. I'm a freelance artist who's going to college at the moment, any and all art used on this account was made by me! I'm here to mostly seek friendships, maybe a little bit of RP, mostly into petplay and master/slave chatting. Hypnosis is always a perk for me, but I'd say I'm mostly submissive enough in most chats with people, so feel free to chat with me however you'd like. I'm not at all seeking any sort of real life relationship, never have been, probably never will be. Please don't ask for photos, and please don't send any in my direction- its just not really wanted! NOTE : I'm FTM- so please respect that I'd greatly like to use male pronouns, and will only use female ones when with someone I trust.
About you:
Someone who's willing to just chat, RP a bit, nothing's really off limits to me besides real life connections such as photos or videos being sent, or trying to find each other offline. Artists are also welcome- I'd love to chat about art with people, it's one of my favorite hobbies!
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Bi


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Bit "Puppy Dog" Timid - 22 days ago

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Michelle "not for sale" lost in the dark - 22 days ago
Hi Vin - and welcome to HP - I hope you enjoy your time here - :) - - -
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LaurieIOIO "Angel " Ti penso sempre - 22 days ago
Yw vin
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Nice drawing
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