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PlayfulParadox , 28/Male
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About me:
Hmmmm..... I'll have to find or take a decent photo. Bored. So bored. I keep trying to distract myself working on D&D 5E games, Nerf blaster modifications, cosplay design and crafting, and making anything else I can think of. Current projects: - balanced blade, for performance throwing - rune set, carved from elk antler - euclidian style dungeon for D&D - airsoft full face helmet with gas mask
About you:
People with similar interests or enjoyable conversation.
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Straight

Love your interests. Welcome to HP.
I was a play tester for D&D as originated near my hometown ❤️
I’d so love to see your ruins project. Also do you forge? I ask because you mentioned working on a blade. I have 2 antique forges but have only made a dagger lol.
Blessings always ❤️
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