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Theresa Primaveri

Theresa Primaveri, 31/Female
Last login: over 3 weeks ago
Local time:10:36 PM
Join date:1 month, 2 days ago
Location: Arlington, TX United States

"Guess who’s back?! :P"
About me:
Haven’t been back for awhile! It’s simple, you be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. NO FLIRTING! :) Oh and I want to own myself please! :)
About you:
Just don’t be a jerk :)
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Straight
Theresa's tales
Theresa Primaveri
Ok, sooo I still can’t load shop items from my iPhone? Seriously? 🙄
Theresa Primaveri "Trouble" - 1 month, 1 day ago
Theresa Primaveri
My first tale!! Lol ok it’s not, but it’s my first tale in years! :) Feels weird to be back lol
Theresa Primaveri "Trouble" - 1 month, 2 days ago

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Shhh! I wasn't here ;) You have been given Shhh! I wasn't here ;).
Crafted by LaurieIOIO
NirvInch "Nirvypoop" 🏹If Darryl Dies, WE RIOT🏹 - 12 days ago

Good Morning to YOU! You have been given Good Morning to YOU!.
Crafted by Madame Otter
NirvInch "Nirvypoop" 🏹If Darryl Dies, WE RIOT🏹 - 12 days ago
Madame Otter

Have a Beautiful Day You have been given Have a Beautiful Day .
Crafted by SAW Esquire
Madame Otter "CandyApple Otter" quiet - 16 days ago
Madame Otter

For you ♥ You have been given For you ♥.
Crafted by Sarah
Madame Otter "CandyApple Otter" quiet - 16 days ago

💀Happy Howloween💀 You have been given 💀Happy Howloween💀.
Crafted by NirvInch
NirvInch "Nirvypoop" 🏹If Darryl Dies, WE RIOT🏹 - 20 days ago
Andre - TickleMaster
Welcome back
Halloween Kitties You have been given Halloween Kitties.
Crafted by Unknown
Andre - TickleMaster "Sensual Tickler" ... Nefarious ... - 20 days ago
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