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Jen Thompson
Jen Thompson
"my Puppy"

Jen Thompson, 24/Female
Last login: within a week
Local time:9:12 PM
Join date:13 days ago
Location: Akron Ohio United States

"A playful puppy that needs rules "
About me:
I'm 24 female a waitress I have been living the petplay lifestyle for 5 years. I'm obedient and trained. Devoted to owner Sage
About you:
I would like to meet an older gentleman that wants to own me and have a little puppy in his life.
Looking for: Friendship and dating
Orientation: Bi

Mick Hardin
Mick Hardin
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ken chudzik
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Jen Thompson
The collar is one thing. It's the symbol of being a pet. It can be powerful in the sense of being made of leather or have spikes. Or it can be cute and lacy with a bell on it. But when you sit before your owner and they look down at you and you up at them. Your eyes wide with anticipation. Your owner gripping a leash at his side. You are focused on the leash focused on the moment you hear the echo of the click of the leash being hooked on to your collar before it happens. Then you feel the tug on your neck and your owner says let's go. Not only are you physically controlled but that is the moment where your mind is no longer yours. You give up your pride and become proud to walk on your owners leash. Time stands still. And you are now proud to be owned.
Jen Thompson "my Puppy" - 6 days ago
Jen Thompson
The collar is such a unique symbol of a pets pride to be who she/he has always wanted to be. Free to express their inner self. Wearing it tightly around the neck not to tight but just tight enough to be reminded of their duties as a pet and to remind them how much their owner cares for them, allowing them to be free and to get what they have always deserved to be the pet that they always dreamed they would be.
Jen Thompson "my Puppy" - 7 days ago
Jen Thompson
I love the simple things in life just being me and making another person happy makes me shine from the inside out. I enjoy pleasing others and serving them how they want and desire. That is just me.
Jen Thompson "my Puppy" - 8 days ago
Jen Thompson
I love belly rubs, treats, walks on my leash and chewing on squeaky toys.
Jen Thompson "my Puppy" - 9 days ago
Jen Thompson
Although I just joined Human Pets I have always felt like a pet even from a young age so being a part of this community is really exciting for me. Besides a very small group,of friends that I have chosen as my family this is the biggest group of people I have ever felt this comfortable opening up to and I just wanted to express my gratitude. I feel so free and so much like the real me. 🐾
Jen Thompson "my Puppy" - 10 days ago
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