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Victoria Gomez
"My lil princess"

Victoria Gomez, 17/Female
Last login: within 2 weeks
Local time:7:11 AM
Join date:1 year, 15 days ago
Location: Strawn United States

"Just a kitten that loves to play around and must have her way"
About me:
Well I'm only 14 but I act and look older. Yah I'm a kid but that doesn't mean much I'm way mature than most. I'm really sassy sometimes but I'm mostly nice. I like to be loved on and I love attention
About you:
Mostly looking to meet male but females are always welcome. Gotta be nice I can be kinky so its whatever you feel like being. If you wanna say anything rude to me I'd rather you keep it to ypurself, thanks
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Bi
Herds (lead): kit cats herds

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Edward Quinn
Edward Quinn
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Victoria's tales
Victoria Gomez
I went on an adventure in the woods by myself today I shot two pigs and one rabbit
Victoria Gomez "My lil princess" Sparkling - 1 year, 14 days ago

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