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Bones , 34/Male
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I hate cute items.I hate my wall being spammed with dumb items .I want substance,not stupid HI HOW ARE U posts accompanied by 50 love heart items. I love to debate.I love people that are not scared to offend with their opinions.
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Don't make me expensive please.
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Orientation: Straight
Herds (lead): Stupid things people say on HP, The Bones Bank
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When you are too stupid and naive to even consider,let alone think about the fairly obvious issues with teaching kids about the highly debatable concept of gender and how it actually works,let alone the trickle down effect of other issues.

These are the same people that cant see through the transparent veil of intersectional feminism.

It's so incredibly sad.

Over here in the UK this stuff has been slowly being pushed in certain area's and has only temporarily halted due to a backlash in birmingham by muslim parents.

People trying to brainwash children with their own interpretation of sexuality and gender,were only stopped by religious parents,who want to install their own brand of sexuality and gender politics on to children.

But omg donald trump ate a sandwich with white bread,stop the press!!!!

Talking about trump:

(notice how 'liberal' media have hardly touched on the assange subject even though trump has been so blatantly hypocritical and inconsistent on the subject,not as bad as his dodgy pharma dealings.Paid opposition i think,two very good critiques of substance and cnn ignores it and talks about whatever new made up thing has been called racist by its dumb little sjw's.)
Bones Happy Halloween - 3 days, 6 hours ago
This guy is really good and has so many decent easy but not easy vids up for people of all levels of fitness.Well worth checking his channel out if you want to lose a little weight,get back into fitness or just perv (laurel)

Bones Happy Halloween - 10 days ago
At least he didn't do anyhing really bad like say he'd grab a woman by her πŸ™€...

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
Bones Bones Bones Bones
Bones Happy Halloween - 18 days ago
Meanwhile, also being completely spammed all over mainstream media 24/7,commented on by every political 'celeb', halfwit Owen Jones type ad nauseum

Oh wait except its not, even though its happened inNigeria repeatedly over just the last two months and funnily enough media are telling you not to watch this video while dumb celebs insinuate this is racism, in which almost half the people gunned down are WHITE, God forbid the simpletons realise the difference between race and religion πŸ˜‚

Bones Happy Halloween - 1 month, 6 days ago

'This is a disease that afflicts SJW's, Lol-cows and Attention Whores. It makes them think they have every psychological disease known to mankind. Unlike a hypochondriac, who nervously fumbles through the Physicians Desk Reference, dreading that they have every physical disease; the Psychochondriac gleefully pores through Psychology Today, on a mad quest to self-diagnose themselves with every mental disease.
Yes, they'll have a dog-eared copy of The DSM-IV in one hand and their sad excuse for genitalia in the other hand, looking for new diseases to claim they have, though most commonly Assburgers, anxiety bull, OCD and PTSD. These awful excuse for humans also tend to love diagnosing others ,which they do just as loosely and lacking actual logic.'

Wow i can definitely think of one person on here that description suits to the T hahaha
Bones Happy Halloween - 1 month, 13 days ago
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Not so Anonymous
I also enjoy a tasty taco every now and then
A Taco You have been given A Taco.
Crafted by Unknown
Not so Anonymous "Shoe Enthusiast" It's wine o'clock - 2 days, 23 hrs ago

Difference makes u beautiful You have been given Difference makes u beautiful.
Crafted by becky
Moon Goddess ALPHA "My She-wolf" It's Easter do the Bunny Hop ! - 3 days, 7 hrs ago
You like Pete’s Torta, do ya? Lol
Real Friendship β™₯ You have been given Real Friendship β™₯.
Crafted by Becks
Becks "Spanktacular" Feisty - 17 days ago
Posted a couple new ones.
What the duck? You have been given What the duck?.
Crafted by Big Mike
Big Mike "Ursa Major" Just a tired old Bear. - 18 days ago
Not so Anonymous
*your. I find it ironic that in the same sentence you called me a dumbass, you also made a mistake lol.
Anyways so I sent your bitch ass a message on whatsapp.
Guessing you still have the same number etc.
You only logged on to see if I replied?
Aww anyone would think little bonsey actually missed me
cheesy pick up line (44) You have been given cheesy pick up line (44).
Crafted by Michelle
Not so Anonymous "Shoe Enthusiast" It's wine o'clock - 26 days ago
*finds cutes item ever for Bones*

What happened to your face Bonnie?! So much darkness so little sweetness to gain. πŸ˜‚
Here to make you smile! You have been given Here to make you smile!.
Crafted by Jan
RossyJ "NY best Apple" Evasive - 1 month, 5 days ago
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