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Genius!!! ...... Lol
Bones Happy Halloween - 5 months, 8 days ago
9 days ago / 5472 miles away
I actually agree... I've talked to some silly people in their 20s and it's like it's a fad to be gender neutral even if they like being feminine and f*cked by guys ... I dunno. I don't get it but also I dont like getting into hp drama
Take care
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Im not sure why you would message me that and then block me?This place lol
Bones Happy Halloween - 5 months, 9 days ago
Bones Happy Halloween - 5 months, 23 days ago
Bones Bones
Bones Happy Halloween - 5 months, 26 days ago
I mean it is technically but i don't feel comfortable with the label.I mean come on most the parents doing this are just being thick and with good intentions.

They don't actually want to abuse their kids,they have just bought into an idea they only hear one side on from rather manipulative individuals.Also they are pretty thick,im almost certain there is a correlation between how blindly kind a person is and how naive they are.And i think some hear the critique and their brain just shuts down.Like god forbid they consider theyve made a bad move as a parent,an irresponsible move to teach highly exploitable young children with no life experience or even started puberty to try contextualize some of whats being taught.

Boys and girls played with all sorts of toys,wore all sorts of clothes for as long as i have been alive and there were hardly ever any issues.We played with all the different ones regardless of our biological sex,one reason because we had not even started puberty.

Girls still had cooties and you could not understand why girls existed (or boys if you are female) then puberty hits and suddenly you start to realise the opposite sex is kinda sweet.Or the same one.Now thats where i think you start teaching kids.Funnily enough society generally agrees and thats whats happened for years,with sensitivity and care.

Now were telling 7 year olds they can pick their gender before they even undertsand what gender is.Its literaly religious brain washing.Its not very different from teaching kids that certain sorts of sexuality are wrong and a sin.You are literaly teaching them a baisesd perspective,as fact,that you cannot actually prove to even a basic extent.

In the future i guarantee you the general consensus will change radically apart from the most insanely far left places in europe like sweden.People will realise how incredibly destructive a lot of the rubbish you hear about gender is these days.

It really reflects what mainstream religions used to do when trying to convert people,particuarly during Christianity and Islams darker days,the crusades,the ottoman empire days etc

But hey man,how could teaching a small child that believes in:

father christmas
a fat guy that literaly flies around the world,in less than 8 hours,on a MAGIC sled and somehow has every single xmas present in the world on him.

The tooth fairy
An actual FAIRY that creeps into your bedroom at night (sounds ok actually) then leaves money underneath you rpillow for your shedded baby teeth.

I cannot get my head around any parent thinking a child that has that level if intellect is ready for gender as a topic,when i bet you if you ask said parents they dont actually know fuck all about genetics let alone the IDEA of gender.
Bones Happy Halloween - 5 months, 26 days ago
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AA -
AA - Gloomy - 2 days, 4 hrs ago
Cameron Mackay
Dot point why you don't like our N.Z prime minister!!
synthesized You have been given synthesized.
Crafted by SIN Feast
Cameron Mackay "Warrior" I KNOW THE PIECES FIT - 4 months, 29 days ago
Cameron Mackay

nothing is final You have been given nothing is final.
Crafted by Cameron Mackay
Cameron Mackay "Warrior" I KNOW THE PIECES FIT - 4 months, 29 days ago
Cameron Mackay
twisted silk, worsted, or cotton with cord or wire running through it, used chiefly as upholstery trimming.
fishing line made of silk bound with wire.
Cameron Mackay "Warrior" I KNOW THE PIECES FIT - 4 months, 29 days ago
Cameron Mackay
Haha I am sorry my comments make you frustrated just breath, I am not here to force feed my opinion, I am here to share another side that you can make your own opinions.If you really don't like my messages just say and you will never hear from me again.
Cameron Mackay "Warrior" I KNOW THE PIECES FIT - 5 months, 19 days ago
Not so Anonymous
Anyways it’s 4am and I shouldn’t even be awake..
So I’m going to attempt to actually sleep.
Hasn’t worked out for me so far but who knows..
A miracle might happen.
The thought of work isn’t helping the situation though
Nooo!  I Don't Wanna Go 2 Work You have been given Nooo! I Don't Wanna Go 2 Work.
Crafted by Dr Isley
Not so Anonymous "Shoe Enthusiast" It's wine o'clock - 5 months, 19 days ago
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