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gandy grey
gandy grey
"Fior Ghaol"

gandy grey , 65/Male
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"i want to ride my bicycles "
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there is only three
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to paraphrase "highlander" there can be only one
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"gra mo shaol "
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gandy grey
A merry Christmas to you all . Hope everyone gets what they want xx
gandy grey "Fior Ghaol" Calm - 1 year, 3 months, 29 days ago
gandy grey
The magpie like an arrow flies
To where the squirrel hidden lies
With treasure clenched in his jaw
The latest shiny little geegaw
The squirrel curtsies in her joy
With pride in her magpie boy
She giggles and wriggles in delight
Knowing that she chose right
Together for ever and a day
Snuggled in her tiny drey .
gandy grey "Fior Ghaol" Calm - 1 year, 4 months, 22 days ago
gandy grey
She comes to him whene'er she can
He wants to e'er be her man
Betwixt and between life goes along
Not as worthy of this song
Their times together seem so brief
It purely beggars all belief
No sooner here and coorried in
then they are apart again
One day this flighty Midlands lass
May just stay all things must pass
gandy grey "Fior Ghaol" Calm - 1 year, 4 months, 27 days ago
gandy grey
And lo the magpie flew to ground
Scattering feathers all around
The pretty squirrel did her best
To fashion them into a cosy nest
With a little fur from down below
The nest had a nice wee cosy glow
They snuggled up close every night
Their nest was truly watertight
Now that spring has finally come
They wander out in search for fun

gandy grey "Fior Ghaol" Calm - 2 years, 1 month, 4 days ago
gandy grey
a squirrel and a magpie resided in a wood
they loved each other as lovers should
as things progressed along the way
they made sweet love in the squirrels drey
the magpie roamed all over the land
and placed the shinies in the squirrels hand
now the squirrel did what squirrels do well
hiding things away all over the dell
and true to her nature the squirrel forgot
where she squirrelled the whole bloody lot
so the magpie roamed about the glade
seeking the treasures the squirrel mislaid

gandy grey "Fior Ghaol" Calm - 4 years, 1 month, 4 days ago
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LadY HeatheN
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LadY HeatheN

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