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Natasha Jax

Natasha Jax, 31/Female
Last login: over 3 weeks ago
Local time:10:43 AM
Join date:8 years, 6 months, 23 days ago
Location: Kingston, On, Canada Canada

"fearless mama on the hunt "
About me:
im weird and hyper i have a little boy named maddox and he is my life i cant spell and im all round nice gal.
About you:
nice not all i want in your pants
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High in the sky! You are a very intelligent person. You get your pride in the way and it sometimes get very high, but you're a very romantic person. Your soul mate is the Silver and Red Wolf. You're in conflict with the Teal Cat.

Teal Cat
Blue Fox
Ocre and Gray Dolphin
Silver and Red Wolf
Red Jaguar
Tan Giraffe
Yellow Trout
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Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Bi
Natasha's tales
Natasha Jax

Natasha Jax "Natasha" Feisty - 8 years, 6 months, 18 days ago
Natasha Jax
My job is simple ask people to enter a contest. To make it even easier you can give out candy bars to anyone who signs up. Perfect then it happen, security appears and says you can't offer people candy bars its soliciting. Ok fine whatever we can work around that, but that's not all you can't ask how their day is going or even say hi you know why cause its solicititing. Ok so now I can't talk unless you talk to me ok read my sign people read it. Next day ladeeedah working away, same security guard appears. I can't have you working here, hey come on I'm not talking to people. Oh no its not that they font rent this spot its the malls and you can't use it (short version). Ok so now I have to go home and loss 5.5h of my pay because of idiots.
Natasha Jax "Natasha" Feisty - 8 years, 6 months, 18 days ago

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grace andrew
by grace
Dearest one, My name is grace, I am very happy to view your profile here today,as I'm interested in knowing you.reply me through my private email address at ( ) so that i can write you and send you my picture. Yours truly grace
grace andrew "shade Problem" - 8 years, 3 months, 1 day ago

You were taken on a trip! You have gone pirating and looting.
DaKimchiCowboy "Mr.Wonderful" Ferocious - 8 years, 6 months, 16 days ago

♥Stalking Your Page♥ You have been given ♥Stalking Your Page♥.
Crafted by Raven Black
Shaun "MINE" Meh. - 8 years, 6 months, 16 days ago

A Toast To Life You have been given A Toast To Life.
Crafted by Dopamine
UNKNOWN "MeoW" - 8 years, 6 months, 17 days ago

Hibernating on Your Page.. ♥ You have been given Hibernating on Your Page.. ♥.
Crafted by ira Avaritia superbia
Unknown "Blue" - 8 years, 6 months, 18 days ago
Malaysian Pet Andre
Feisty new fearless Pet mama on the hunt gets thumbs + a weird and hyper HP welcome.
[18] Paranormal Tickle Torture You have been given [18] Paranormal Tickle Torture.
Crafted by Malaysian Pet Andre
Malaysian Pet Andre "Staying Alive " Perplexed - 8 years, 6 months, 18 days ago
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