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Little Rose

Little Rose, 36/Female
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Location: Port Angeles, Wa United States

"A shy country kitten looking for a friend"
About me:
Who am I? … I am a woman, a snowleopard, an alpha female, a nurturer, a mother.. I am a Primal In short I am me What am I not? I am not a doormat, and I am not about to live as such either. I am not there to live as you think I should live. What do I want? ... I search for the one that will best compliment me in this dance called life. A real man that is secure in himself enough that his dominance dances entwined with mine own energy, rather than trying to destroy it. (preferably Primal so I dont have to explain myself.). I really am not ornate in my tastes or likes nor overly demanding, I simply know what I want and I have every intention of holding out till I find it. What do I not want?... I do not want to live my life by someone else's fantasy of what the perfect woman should be. I may not be perfect, but my flaws are far more appealing than some airbrushed cookiecutter castoff. Above and beyond I wish to tell you a few things that I feel are important to know about me. I am a single mother of one son, with a curious nature, I have many hobbies that keep much of my time filled, a few of them are gardening, archery, short sword, history research (medieval thru Victorian eras), baking, hiking, running my pagan chatroom, and spending time with my son. As a person I am quite loving, caring, and nurturing but will be bluntly honest if something upsets me or hurts me. Hurt someone I care about and you will know nothing but pain...
About you:
I would love to meet friends local or otherwise..I love making new friends! In terms of a Mate: I am seeking a single man, local or close to Port Angeles, WA for friendship, and eventual LTR. Further away is fine but You would be the one doing the traveling as I can neither afford it nor have the transportation/babysitter to accomidate long trips. Must be dominant, paitent, gentle, sensuous, romantic, non-judgemental of my pagan beliefs, Again I am looking for a relationship not just a random fling... I am a single mother, age 29, a primal who enjoys being a housewife (LTR only) I do wish to take things slow and start as friends, get to know each other and see where it leads, before considering anything else.. If still interested in getting to know me better than please write I look forward to hearing from you.
Looking for: Friendship and dating
Orientation: Bi
Herds: Pagan Pride
"my kitty"
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Little's tales
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Little Rose
I am a Hedgewitch..I follow the path of Hedgecraft

What is hedgecraft you say?

Well let me explain a little....

A hedgewitch goes back to old traditional witchcraft - predating wicca (circa 1950..its not that old people), when witches were wise women or men, usually one in each village. They were primarily healers and herbcrafters, sometimes spirit talkers and often travelled into the astral to attempt to communicate with a passed spirit. A walker between worlds as it were.The hedge itself is a point of liminality and divides the two worlds: civilization from the wild, the seen from the unseen, and even life from death. It is a boundary marker and the point at which the Veil passes between the worlds.

The main distinction between Hedgewitchery and other forms of Witchcraft is that Hedgewitches often have less interest in the religious/ceremonial aspects of ceremonial or group Witchcraft, having an individual and often unique way of relating to life, spirituality and Creation, and preferring simpler folk magic. A Hedgewitch is less likely to perform scripted magickal workings. The only tradition Hedgewitches typically follow is a reverence for Nature, though some may come from a more formal Pagan path originally.

They avoid complicated, ceremonial, scripted and formulated magick, practicing an earthy and simple form of ritual and magick. Some Hedgewitches do not cast Circles in a Wiccan sense, and may either have other methods to mark sacred space, or not bother at all. Hedgewitches believe that all space is sacred.

Most Hedgewitches do what ever comes natural to them; they follow their instincts, and their heart.

Most use few manmade objects in their spells and rituals. Their tools are typically very practical, such as a walking stick, stang, or pruning shears, and their tools are hand made by them as much as possible.

Hedgewitches usually study herbalism with gusto, as well as seeking knowledge and understanding of the ways of Nature, the cycle of the seasons and the wildlife and plant-life in their area. Hedgewitches will not only know how to grow herbs in a garden, but also where and how they grow in the wild and how to gather them. They usually have a great deal of lore on trees and plant life, animals and the wilderness in general.

Hedgewitches tailor their Tradition to suit themselves, some may focus on herbalism, others study midwifery, some may practice reiki, they may focous on animal husbandry, and others may be well versed in healing with crystals. Many Hedgewitches may choose to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Little Rose Inspired - 7 years, 1 month ago
Little Rose
A Kitten in the Night

I find my life lived alone
a haze surrounding me like a storm
a single light floats from somewhere unseen
calling to this kitten begging her closer
so many distractions along the way
a host of toys that wish to play
moving ever slowly towards the truest wish her heart bears
yet ever alone this journey she makes
frightened and whimpering in the dark
the light ever calling yet never does it grow closer
Each step nearer she should be but nary it nears
her cries fill the haze calling to the light that calls to her
hope ever in her heart that he will find her someday.
Little Rose Inspired - 7 years, 2 months, 16 days ago
Little Rose
Full Moon Calling

The moon rose high in the cloudless sky as the stars twinkled in excited anticipation of what was to come. A young woman her long chocolate hair flowing behind her, wisped about her shoulders by a gentle teasing breeze, came forth from the shadows of the woods towards the stone altar upon the cliff. Her skyclad form glistening in the moons soft glow as she made her way towards the cliff side readying herself for what was to come.

As she stood before the altar her eyes moved skyward staring towards the moon in awed rapture her voice calling forth in a voice as sweet as the music on the wind. "Oh great Goddess please hear my call tonight that it might honor my ancestors and those that will always guide me." Her voice grew lower as her words came to an end her eyes never leaving the moon as her throat stretched tight a deep and soulful howl emenating from it into the sky.

From the shadows of the woods they came in great numbers surrounding the skyclad woman eyes glistening in the light of the moon, watching her every move silently. She knew they were there, she was happy they had come for they had heard her call to the moon. Each furry body came closer till they were pressed against her in a mass of fur and teeth. She could feel each one as they challenged her call of authority over them each in turn biting her to see if she would run or fall to them. She stood tall thru it all though her flesh bled, and her tears did run from the pain... Her eyes glancing but once as the last wolf bit her, towards the moon whispering her thanks to the Goddess before she joined them upon the table her blood soaking the rock, the wolves licking her wounds, all of them at last drifting to sleep the pack whole once more.
Little Rose Inspired - 7 years, 2 months, 16 days ago
Little Rose
Finding the Right Path

Over the years I suffered abuse, not in the traditional sense of being beaten or hurt (though that was there in some cases), but in the form of mental abuse. Some do not understand that a blow to the mind can be just as damaging as a blow to the face. From childhood I was told repeatedly by many whom I trusted and loved both family and friend, I was to fat, to shy, to weak, to weird, etc. I was never good enough to be or do anything with my life. As I grew I suffered for this thinking, at times starving myself, other times dating men I knew were going to hurt me in some way simply because I had grown to believe I didnt deserve better. Losing all that I was giving up all that I believed in some cases simply because I thought I had to in order to be happy.

Here I am at 29 years of age and I feel as though I am well into my 90s some days due to an inner battle with myself over those feelings of despair, disgust, and pain. I have battled long and hard over the years doing more than anyone ever expected of me..yes I have had some massively epic failures but I was strong enough and brave enough to take the risk and try the fact I failed means nothing I tried to begin with. I have helped others, dear and wonderful friends, find thier strength to go out there and find themselves, keeping myself in the shadows thinking I wasnt worthy enough to do the same thing when all that time I had been more than worthy enough to be happy.

I look now into the mirror and see a beautiful, confident, wise, and wonderful woman that has had much life experience yet takes each day as a new lesson. Ready to face life and find happiness being myself, never again changing for someone else. The battle still continues and will till the day I die, but I know now that I can rise above it to find my dreams.

Little Rose Inspired - 7 years, 2 months, 16 days ago
Little Rose
The night was calm and quiet, a gentle breeze blowing through the trees when he arrived. I still can see the haunted look in his eyes as he walked up the steps towards the door. It had been twenty years since he had been home. Twenty years to the day of the tragedy. He had run that terrible night, run as far and as fast as his legs would allow. As I watched him I knew he had not forgotten.

The door creaked open on its rusty hinges, the dust of the past two decades flying into the air in protest of being deprived its resting place. He made his way towards the front room, where it had all taken place all those years ago.
The fire had been bright and cheery with its warmth that night as they had sat before it talking. I remembered it as though it was yesterday. The fight, his anger had been ever so great when it had begun. His hands strong as the life breath left her for the last time. Her body had fallen to the floor at his feet lifeless, she had given him her all out of love.

I watched as he approached the bones that still laid before the long cold fireplace, kneeling afraid to touch her remains. None had come looking for her as he had been all she had in this world. There amongst her remains, protected by the loving embrace of a mother, were the remains of the child whom had been the source of their argument after he had accused her erroneously of bearing for another.

Two lives had been lost to his unfounded anger all those years ago. He had learned to late how very wrong he had been. He knelt now tears in his eyes as he gazed upon them. Age had made its mark upon him over the years, the world changing around him with each passing dat. The day had come at last as he looked to them, his final breath given as he spoke the words he had spent so many years to scared to utter. “I am sorry Diana.”

I watched as he fell next to them gone from this world to a place he would at last find peace. Moving forward I touched his cheek gently as it cooled. “I forgive you Robert.”

Little Rose Inspired - 7 years, 6 months, 9 days ago
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