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Puppy , 27/Female
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"A quiet and shy wolf that has a naughty side"
About me:
Name: Katie “Puppy” Nicknames: Moonshadow, Ravenwolf, Puppy, Alpha, Pet, Honey Puppy (though Honey Puppy is my boyfriends lovey dovey name for me. :P ) Age: 19 Race: White (mutt) Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 200 lbs (Literally because my bones are so dense. I am actually average looking) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown with emerald colored shards/ specks Skin: Very, very pale (My eyes are sensitive to the sun, even when I wear my sunglasses, so I have issues with going outside during the day time. :<) Animal: Pure white furred Arctic Wolf Favorite Weather: 55-70 degree (farehnheit) weather (Summer) 30-60 (Autumn, Winter, Spring) Favorite Season: Winter (No terrible storms, no tornado weather, just snow and ice :D) I also like the other seasons, but Winter is my favorite because I love the cold. Description:: -I... Am me. :D Simply put. And if you met me in person, you'd not want there to be two of me because you'd like my being unique. -I'm a mutt, literally. I don't even know what my entire bloodline has. :) But I love being a mutt. -I'm shy and quiet, and always seem very innocent. But I really have a naughty side to me. -Yes. I am really bi. -For anyone wondering, I do have a picture of the real me. But my computer won’t let me use it. -In real life, I belong to my love (boyfriend) Master Jeff, and I wish for him to remain my Master forever. He's very good at being my Master. (Though ;p he doesn't know I'm on this site.) -I'm entirely loyal to him. :) -One day hope for Master to place the collar he loves around my neck. -Despite my naughty side, I love being obedient and submissive to those that I feel deserve it. But, being a wolf, if I find that someone doesn’t deserve my respect and loyalty, well.. They don’t get any of it. -I’m only 19, but ever since I was young, I’ve always acted like a wolf (when reasonable.) And, even at my age, I find it a tad hard to resist the urge to eat and drink out of bowls or walk on all fours. -My name is Katie, but Master calls me Puppy, and I really like that name. He calls me such, because I have such a bubbly puppy-like personality. -I have a wish that people would accept people like me more, that way when Master and I live together I wouldn’t have to always hide my real side. That people would be more respectful of it. -The idea of wearing a collar and being lead around by a leash in my Master’s hand seems normal to me, not out of the ordinary in any way. -I like to be treated like a puppy (Petted, coddled, cuddled, sitting on the floor or ground or foot of the bed, etc, etc.) Because that just seems normal to me. -Master treats me really well, and helps me get rid of my bad habits (ie: I think I’m a terrible person, and I say that a lot, even though I’m really nice and generous and giving to the point that it hurts) -My love for being a Pet is more of a need for me, than it is anything ‘naughty,’ btw. It’s like the need to breathe air, really… I feel like I belong when I’m Puppy, so don’t take it as anything like that. -I love anime, mythical anything (From vampires and lycans, to dragons and fairies, I know a lot about it.) I also love art, and am a bit of an artist, I also love music and making music. I love operas and musicals (Got to see Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked on stage. Now if I could only see Les Miserables, my life would be complete.) I am also a bit of a story writer, and a nerd (I play rpg games, WoW, and LoL.) Otherwise, there is just way waaaaay too much to tell you about me. It would need months.. Years.. Etc. Despite my being only 19. I’m just so complex, yet intriguing. -Where I live, I get little to no true physical contact. No hugs or anything.. So, hugs, pets, etc. Make me so very happy. ^-^ -Random note, explaining the background: My favorite bird is a raven. -One last note, I'm only a tame puppy to those I trust. Those I don't, you have to deal with a full blown, wild arctic wolf!
About you:
I don't truly need to meet anyone :) I have my love, whom I'm bound to spend the rest of my life with. And I have many friends. But I thought that this looked interesting, and I saw it had some people like me. So I thought it would be neat to express myself. (People just don't understand me where I live :'<) Well, anyways. :D Free reign on owning me, anyways. <3's! I promise I won't run away from any of my owners. ^-^ I is a good girl.. Then and again. But I won't run away. However, if Master finds this sight and buys me, I'm all his. Sorry, if I may not log on much, though. Being 19 is amazingly more busy than would have ever thought. Also! I do not buy a pet off of someone, I buy one when there is a free one. *blush* I personally feel like I'm being rude in doing so.. I feel it's better to ask permission... Just me, with that though. Everyone else can do as they want :P
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Bi


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baby desmond
My name is lillian i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address[ ]I believe we can move from here! Aweeaiting for your mail to my email_ address above.Miss lillian
baby desmond - 8 years, 10 months, 14 days ago
Welcome to Human pets! :)
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