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"Murphy's law"

Ally , 29/Female
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Kara Plato
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Love how lies are still being spread about me. Pfft. You guys just love ruining friendships and peoples self esteem and making them miserable.
Ally "Murphy's law" Lonely - 6 years, 3 months, 27 days ago
Alright, things have changed but for the better. I have a three bedroom apt with a backyard, ged test this month along with the classes. No work sadly but due to my back(curved spine) and I do have a boyfriend. If you must know, the fiance wasn't too nice to me so I kicked her to the curb after she only got worse over three years instead of better so yesh I am with a guy and I honestly don't care what you guys say. I did love her, I know the truth and that's all that matters. Anyway, he's great to me, treats me with respect, love and loves me for who I am. We're truly happy together and I'm actually happy and to me that's all that matters =]
Ally "Murphy's law" Lonely - 7 years, 16 days ago
Things have settled a little bit. They got ten years in jail but was nice enough to call the family off of us. We got a new better place, Luch has a backyard, it's cheaper and really nice with a nice landlord. I'm setting up appts to go get my GED, I worked a little bit. Life is slowly coming back together. Hope all is well.
Ally "Murphy's law" Lonely - 8 years, 1 month, 1 day ago
Heyy sorry guys for not being on much. Ever since the robbery and hurrying on trying to move, I haven't had much time for anything. What happened is it was me my fiance and my "best friend" Nikki. Hence the qutations meaning it all turned to be her fault. She set us up for such a little amount of money. She gained my trust and backstabbed me right in the heart. We were in the apt and we hear banging at the door and someone trying to break in. We ran into the closet to hide and they came and got us threw us around asked for the money threatened us and so forth. They took the money, my laptop and ipod(new items) and walked out the door. Mind you, my dog Luch was locked in the bathroom by him. You need to put a cardboard between the wall and the door to lock it. They did just that. Weeks go by, we're not staying there. We're staying at my grandma's being threatened by phone calls, told we're being followed every where we go. Ended up getting rid of Nikki after finding out the truth and she twisted the whole thing onto us so now we're in hiding again cause they want us. We found a new place and they know where that is too but we're gonna let the cops know about the new apt and the robbers and whatnot and hope for the best. Be on guard at all times till we can get the F*** outta utica! It's way more drama then we need and it's all thanks to that certain one who gained your trust. I will update when I have the chance. Hope all is well with people.
Ally "Murphy's law" Lonely - 8 years, 6 months, 15 days ago
I'm not the same girl, lost hopes lost dreams. I've let go of who I am. Can I find who I am? Can I find it in time? Have I truely lost myself? I don't know who I am anymore. Was so strong now so weak. Floating through life with tears down my face, arms reaching out for someone to catch me just to fall to the ground. Have I been left alone for all of time? Will I find someone to catch me and help me? Will they bring me back?
Ally "Murphy's law" Lonely - 9 years, 4 months, 2 days ago
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Ally "Murphy's law" Lonely - 5 months, 5 days ago

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Jrod Thats Me

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Jrod Thats Me "Bionic Man " - 3 years, 4 months ago

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schummgeb - 3 years, 9 months, 7 days ago
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victoria132 "sponge" - 3 years, 9 months, 23 days ago
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