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Frease Winder
Frease Winder
"my future hubby"

Frease Winder, 36/Male
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Location: Santa Maria, California United States

"When we realize we have the ability to overcome any obstacle that we are challenged with, then we unlock our potential"
About me:
I like being around people, interaction, conversation, anything like that im totally down. I'm 21 and i stay in Santa Maria California. I soak up sun, play basketball, go to school. Pretty simple life. I joke alot cuz i like when people are comfortable with me, it keeps me cool and calm. I don't stress, rush, panic, or worry. I guess it has somthing to do with only having one life and not to worry about crap that i can ultimatley get over. If you really wanna talk to me...i mean REALLY want to talk to
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Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Straight
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Frease Winder
Thats it.....

I'm gonna open a skating rink. Its not as random as it sounds. Everywhere I've lived has had a skating rink until i moved here. Theres like 6 cities all with in a 20 mile radius of where i live and there are none. Santa Maria is a small town with a lot of youth running around and i think it would be awesome to open up one. Besides its way to easy to get in trouble here because theres not much to do, unless you play basketball or go to school

or have money.

I think i just needed a reason to follow through with this dream i have. I need more of a concrete reason than just saying, "Because i can", or" because ive been wanting to". That don't give me enough drive, I don't' wanna do it for self gratification or because of the challenge.

People my age are losing their lives out there. Gangs, drugs, murder, prison. This little town is like a breeding ground for a terrible future. Kids don't have anything to do out here but get in trouble, theres no way to turn, nowhere to go. So they become the product of thier enviroment, and it dont matter if its covered in blood.

I want to do this because i wanna show my peers that it can be done. I'm 21 what would it look like to kids my age and under, if they saw me turn somthing that was just a thought into somthing that can be seen and experienced? This generation you have to lead by example, and if you really wanna make a positive impact in sombody's life you gotta show them. Monkey see Monkey Do.

I proabably sound like another one of the those people who are trying to change the world. Thats ok, because I've had people to tell me that i could, hell ive seen people do it. So why cant I? I have to many people behind me to let a few people tell me i cant..

So I'm gonna start with this skating rink, and everybody who walks into this place will leave with a little piece of my motive, my ambition and my dream. Then from there maybe they'll go off and have the same feeling that I have. I think we can beat negativity at its own game, thats the way its spreads. One person does somthing bad, his/her, brother/sister, cousin, friend does bad. Since its so easy to do wrong and so complicated to do right. All this nonsense and pain spreads quickly. But see so can postivity, just at a slower rate. We gotta convince people to see the whole picture, see what we dying for, why we killing each other, why we leave each other in the dark. Realize that it don't have to be like that. Its only that way because people choose for it to be that way.
I cant change the world by myself but togther....

We got a shot.
Frease Winder "my future hubby" Peaceful - 15 years, 4 months, 3 days ago
Frease Winder
I mean c'mon!

How could you not laugh at this?

Frease Winder "my future hubby" Peaceful - 15 years, 4 months, 4 days ago

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if u are back please hit me up!!!!! i wanna talk to u !
Vanessa "Corona Girl" Seductive - 13 years, 4 months, 15 days ago
u still look sooo delicious
Vanessa "Corona Girl" Seductive - 13 years, 4 months, 28 days ago
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